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Pallas EMS

CVN Arctic Pallas Hypothermia Bag

355,00  (VAT 0 %)

A specially designed emergency rescue casualty bag that offers excellent insulation properties, protecting against wind, rain, and cold. The bag…

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Saana poncho ems

CVN Arctic Saana Poncho

32,00  (VAT 0 %)

Saana is a high-quality, long thermal poncho featuring an opening mechanism. It is designed to prevent hypothermia and can also…

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Baby EMS

CVN Arctic Baby + Wrap

14,00  (VAT 0 %)

CVN Arctic Baby Wrap is ideal for maintaining normothermia. Manufactured from a thermal insulating material that incorporates a heat reflective…

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CVN Arctic SAANA Multimover

69,99  (VAT 0 %)

The CVN Arctic Saana Multimover is a light weight, high-performance insulating transport-sheet for rapid casualty removal. Saana Poncho (190 cm…

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Levi ems

CVN Arctic Levi Blanket

19,00  (VAT 0 %)

Levi Blanket warms and maintains normothermia without the requirement of a secondary heat source. Maintaining core temperature above 36 degrees…

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CVN Tactical Rescue Blanket

CVN Tactical Rescue Blanket

3,50  (VAT 0 %)

The CVN Arctic Tactical Rescue Blanket is a 1-foil blanket that is made for patient or self-protection from hypothermia and…

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Halti rescue blanket lite fr

CVN Artic Halti Rescue Blanket – Lite FR

31,00  (VAT 0 %)

New rescue blanket from CVN Arctic. The three-layer honeycomb structure of the rescue blanket includes a high-quality thermal feature that…

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