We wanted to do something that others had not done yet

On an August morning in 2006, an important decision was born.

Two good friends, Jarmo Lahtela and Sami Latosaari, while jogging were pondering why no major training events were arranged for paramedics.

Back then, the nationwide and even regional training was nearly non-existent, although there would clearly be a requirement and demand for new knowledge.

Acute Treatment Days to remedy the situation

Jarmo and Sami decided to kick-start Suomen Turvatieto Oy’s and own training days.

The event was named Acute Treatment Days, and it targeted professionals working in the field of acute treatment and in emergency rooms as well as students who were learning the trade. At first, the days were organised as a sideline event to their regular work, just more like a hobby.

But gradually, the event started growing and the number of attendees and their interest started increasing. As to the content of the event, the main focus was on high-quality and contemporary first-aid know-how. More renowned lecturers were involved, more workshops, product presentations, networking events were held and even national first-aid championships were organised.

To date, popular training days have been successfully organised for already 12 times, and they are very well known among paramedics.

Unfortunately, the 2020 event had to be cancelled due to the emergency situation in Finland as a result of COVID-19.

But we intend to organise the Acute Treatment Days in a normal way after the forced year off. For more information, please go to the event page.

Start of own product development

Right at the beginning, alongside the Acute Treatment Days we also introduced some additional services, such as first-aid and safety trainings, and advanced trainings related to patient treatment.

Besides, the idea of selling first-aid products started taking its shape. The interest of the customers and professionals resulted in the search for product manufacturers and signing of import contracts.

Very soon, our own product development started. Currently, our range of products includes 15 own products used to manage bleeding, hypothermia and major accidents. The number of other first-aid products sold is around 100.

It is our intention to maintain the high quality of our range of products by selecting only high-quality products for each product group.

In 2015, the company Carevision Oy was founded, with CVN Medical Solutions as its auxiliary business name, under which the product sales were transferred. The objective was to start selling products abroad, and the name, which was internationally understandable, was the logical choice.

Three years later, the company Suomen Turvatieto merged with Carevision.

Paramedics are a unique community

A lot has happened over the years since the day when we were jogging on the jogging path. The core group of founders has remained the same. We can even speak of a family business as all the people involved are family in one way or another.

The staff of Carevision is extremely skilled in providing first aid. Also, the majority of the staff has a long-term experience working as paramedics, fire-fighters or doctors, so there is experience in almost every field.

This also reflects in their attitude towards the entire activity; the willingness to perceive the whole first-aid staff as one big family. Shared experience and interest in the field and development of skills is a significant resource in our joint journey. This is something that is good to lean on.

Welcome aboard!